In motion

Following the sun, the solar tracker provides optimum performance and high efficiency  

The solar tracker is the perfect choice for the Canadian reality 

Increased return

By following the sun from morning to evening, the tracker increases system performance by more than 75%

Protection against snow

Thanks to its height and its variable angle, the tracker is not affected by snow which could otherwise accumulate on the solar panels

Automatic tracking system

With its algorithm , the system is based on its geographical position to continuously optimize its angle relative to the sun

Great durability

The tracker is designed to withstand the worst weather offered by the Canadian climate: the hail, ice and extreme cold do not affect it

Two axes are better than one

Using a vertical axis and a horizontal axis , the tracker provides consistent accuracy, regardless of the time and the season

Adaptation to severe winds

With its anemometer, the sun tracker lays horizontally when high winds show up

Chalet à Tadoussac avec pointeur pour deux panneaux solaires
Installation de pointeur solaire pour panneaux solaires au Québec
Pointeur solaire - Sun tracker- réalisé au Québec
Pointeur solaire pour 12 panneaux solaires chalet Harvey Lac au Sables 2012