Recreational vehicles


For many of our solar panels on their recreational vehicle is paramount. With a solar energy system, your recreational vehicle automatically recharges its home batteries, which avoids having to use the generator. What better than to enjoy the constant, clean and silent energy of the sun!


Then, some of our customers are looking to further increase their autonomy and comfort. They do not want to deprive themselves while in their recreational vehicle. They want to prepare a good coffee in the morning, use the microwave oven during lunch and watch TV at night, without having to depend on the noisy generator. Installing a centralized current inverter directly addresses this need. Thanks to the inverter, the customer can use 110v AC current for all devices.


IDS Énergie has completed hundreds of such installations for RVs. If you are interested in enjoying the comfort, the power of our solar panels and the flexibility of our inverters, please contact us.


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Projet Caron (2016) - Solar trailer


Mr. Caron wanted to modify his trailer so that it produces the energy required to recharge a golf cart, a small fridge and other components. He also wanted a battery meter and an efficient and intuitive charging system.


On the roof


Our team installed four 280W monocrystalline solar panels for a total of 1120W of solar energy.



We have installed:

4 6v L16 batteries
1 MidNite charge controller
1 pure sine wave Xantrex Prowatt inverter
1 battery charger
1 battery monitor
External charge cable

Automatic transfer switch

lighting modifications


Other projects


For inspiration, have a look at these photos of various projects that our team has made over the last few years!