Outfitters and national parks


For several years, IDS Energy has collaborated with public and private sectors in the ecological electrification of private wildlife reserves and national parks.


Through this collaboration, managers and customers of these lands can take advantage of a cleaner energy that is also quieter and more durable than the energy from a generator.



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If you own an outfitter, you can also opt for clean energy to save money and to protect the environment!


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Pourvoirie Kenauk Nature, Montebello

Date: 2015

Total Power: 19,6 KW


Installation of five solar trackers for four high-end cottages in the Montebello area. Each system has an AGM battery bank, a generator and one or more pure sine wave Magnum power inverters.


These installations allow customers to enjoy nature without the omnipresent sound of a generator.


Pourvoirie Lac Georges, Sainte-Anne du Lac

Date: 2013

Total Power: 13 KW


Installation on three IDS Énergie second generation solar trackers in the Upper Laurentians region, in Sainte-Anne du Lac. This impressive system is completed by three MS4448 Magnum inverters, three 80 amps Outback charge controllers and a 48x 2v Crown battery bank. It provides power for 13 chalets with 120V refrigerators and lights, in addition to supplying the main camp of the outfitter.


Pourvoirie Mabec, rivière Manitou

Date: 2008 et 2013

Total Power: 3,48 KW


Installation of a total of 12 solar panels of 290w on three IDS Énergie second generation solar trackers in the Sept-Îles region. This outfitter is only accessible by air. Because it is so remote and isolated , an autonomous energy system proved an excellent option in this case. Solar energy, thanks to its consistency and effectiveness, was the preferred choice.


Auberge de la Gatineau

Date: 2007

Total Power: 2 KW


Multiple installations for various chalets along the outfitter. These small autonomous systems consist of solar panels, 6V batteries, charge controllers and small Xantrex inverters. They allow to run some lights and some chalets also have a 12v fridge.




SÉPAQ - Parc national de la Gaspésie - Lac Cascapédia

Date: 2016

Total Power: 2,5 KW


The Lake Cascapedia Lodge in the Gaspésie National Park is equipped with a 2520w solar power system (8 x 315W). These solar panels feed a battery bank consisting of 16 Surette batteries of 6V 428ah each. With a MS4024PAE inverter, the system feeds the lights of the reception, a freezer, a refrigerator, and several other devices.

SÉPAQ - Réserve faunique des Chic-Chocs - Lac Sainte-Anne

Date: 2016

Total Power: 4,2 KW


This installation is divided among four off-grid chalets in the Chic-Chocs. Angled roof mounts allow the best angle to optimize solar panels production during the winter when the sun is lower in the sky.

SÉPAQ - Réserve faunique Saint-Maurice - Lac Normand

Date: 2016

Total Power: 2 KW


This installation in the Mauricie region provides power to a water pump and various other devices. This system consists of eight solar panels, 16 Surette batteries, a Magnum power inverter / charger and a Magnum 100 amp charge controller. Notice also the Midnite voltage suppressor that protects the system against lightning.



Parcs Canada - Parc national de la Mauricie - La Clairière

Date: 2016

Total Power: 0,75 KW

Here is another system installed in Mauricie, this time for Parks Canada. The three solar panels are installed on the roof to the south, which enables them to perform at their best potential.


SÉPAQ - Anticosti

Date: 2014

Total Power: 13 KW


The Anticosti Island project is an important facility to power various cottages in the region. With 13 000W of solar energy, an imposing 48v battery bank and three Outback Radian 8000W inverters, this is a very high quality and powerful system.