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Our energy solutions can help you achieve energy independence in your off-grid home. They can also help you save money in the long run on your Hydro-Québec bills.


You will find that our team can design all kinds of systems. Whether for a small cottage with a basic system for the water pump, or for several homes at once, our installations offer a reliable, durable and renewable power source.

Tell us about your project and we will configure a custom system to meet your needs.


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Chalet Arnott 

Lac-Supérieur, 2016


- 2520w off-grid system 


- IDS Énergie Third Generation sun tracker


- Magnum MS4448PAE inverter/charger 


- 16x Surette L16 AGM battery bank


-  14KW Kohler generator

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Chalet Tremblay

Mandeville, 2016


-  1120w off-grid system


-  IDS Énergie Third Generation sun tracker


-  8KW Kohler generator


-  4x GC-225 battery bank

Chalet Gaudet / Bergeron

Saint-Côme, 2015


- 4500w off-grid system 


- Third Generation IDS Énergie  sun tracker


- 2x Magnum MS4448PAE inverter / charger


- 24x 6v L16 battery bank

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Conseil des Abénakis d'Odanak

Odanak, 2015


-  9000w grid-tied system


-  Fast-Rack roof installation


-  Fronius IG-plus grid-tied inverter


Maison Bélisle

Montréal, 2015


- 3050w grid-tied system


- Fast-Rack roof installation


- Fronius Primo 3.8 grid-tied inverter

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Chalet Desautels

Magog, 2015


-  1500w off-grid system


-  IDS Énergie fixed racking


-  6x 6v L16 battery bank


Chalet Lévesque

Lac Magny, 2014


- 2700w off-grid system


- Second Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


- Magnum MS4448PAE inverter/charger


- 8x 6v L16 battery bank


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Chalet Harvey et Bergeron

Lac-aux-Sables, 2013


-  2070w off-grid system


- Second Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


- Magnum MS4024PAE inverter charger


- 12x 6v L16 battery bank


Chalet Lafrenière

Messines, 2013


-  2300w off-grid system


- Second Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


Magnum  inverter


- 16x 6v L16 battery bank

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Maison Richer

Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, 2012


-  4300w off-grid system


-  Second Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


-  Outback Radian Series grid-tied inverter


-  16x 6v L16 battery bank


Chalet Farrel

Mont Laurier, 2012


- 3600w off-grid system


- Second Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


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Chalet Dompierre

Dixville (Coaticook), 2012


-  3600w off-grid system


- Pointeur solaire First Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


- 2x Magnum inverter


- 24x 2v battery bank


Maison L'Écuyer

Sainte-Agathe, 2012


- 13 000 w grid-tied system 


- 3x Second Generation IDS Énergie  sun trackers


- 3x Outback Radian Series GS8048 grid-tied inverter / charger


- 48x 2v battery bank

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Chalet Houle

Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, 2012


-  4300w off-grid system


- Second Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


- Magnum inverter


- 24x 6v L16 battery bank

Chalet Matte

La Tuque, 2012


400w system


- Second Generation IDS Énergie Deuxième Génération sun tracker


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Chalet Vogt

La Tuque, 2012


-  1800w off-grid system


- First Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


- Magnum  inverter


- 12x 6v L16 battery bank


Chalet Savard

Sainte-Julie, 2012


- 270w off-grid system


- IDS Énergie fixed racking


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Chalet Ouellet

Baie-James, 2012


-  4500w off-grid system


- First Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


- Magnum inverter

Chalet Girard

Tadoussac, 2010 et 2011


- 600w off-grid system (two chalets)


- Second Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker and roof installation


- Magnum inverter


- 2x battery banks (2x 6v L16 and 4x 6v L16)


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Maison Melatti

Laurentides, 2011


-  300w system


Chalet Arnott

Mont-Tremblant, 2010


- 1800w off-grid system


- Second Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


- 2x Outback inverter


- 24x 6v Surrette battery bank


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Chalet Boucher

Saint-Zénon, 2010


- 5200w off-grid system


- First Generation IDS Énergie  sun tracker


- 4x Outback VFX  inverter


- 48 volts battery bank


Chalet Prévost

Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, 2010


- 2800w off-grid system


-  First Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


Magnum MS2012 inverter / charger


- 6v L16 battery bank

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Chalet Beaumier

Nicolet, 2009


-  1200w off-grid system


- First Generation IDS Énergie sun tracker


- 6x 6v L16 battery bank